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Curriculum » Performance Character Curriculum

Performance Character Curriculum

Character is the foundation of school culture at Jubilee Highland Hills. The program promotes the Leader in Me and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leadership.

Indicators of Success

Providing a high quality Character program is as important to Jubilee Highland Hills as providing a high quality mathematics or literacy program. In fact, research indicates that the development of leadership skills may be more closely linked to a student's long term success in college and career than GPA.


Building School Community


The Character curriculum helps students feel more connected to their peers, teachers, and to the school community. This leads to greater levels of engagement and motivation. Jubilee Highland Hills students are well equipped to overcome obstacles in a relentless pursuit of success and turn moments of failure into learning opportunities from which they grow.


Engaging Families


Along with an academic report card, students and families receive regular feedback on a student's growth in each habit. This information serves as a community wide opportunity to discuss a student's success and challenges, to hold each other accountable, and to build strong and positive relationships as students develop these habits.


Character Huddles and Reflections


Jubilee Highland Hills performance attributes are especially integral to turf activities where coaches and teachers relate them to student progress and goals. Character Huddles regularly bring a class together to discuss and be challenged by an idea related to a habit. To complement this exercise, reflections allow students to “teach the concept back.”


By understanding what the 7 Habits are and why they matter, Jubilee Highland Hills students are able to define an abstract concept and relate it to their lives.