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Parent Resources

Parent Portal


Jubilee Highland Hills is pleased to make available the txConnect parental portal, available in English and Spanish, that gives parents and guardians “read-only” Web access to their child’s grades and attendance directly from the teacher’s gradebook. Teachers have been asked to maintain accurate and current electronic gradebooks to help parents track their child’s progress at any time.

TxConnect has some very interesting features that can help parents keep on top of their child’s grades, attendance and school activities. Not only can a parent access their child’s information via the Web from home, work, or any place they have an Internet connection, they can also subscribe to email “Alerts” that can be sent directly to an email address each time one of your children receives a low grade on an assignment or his/her average falls below a level you have set. Notification “Alerts” can also be sent to you for unexcused absences or tardies. Absences will update five times daily and grades/assignments will automatically update each night.

Parents who actively use the parent portal last year, can use log in this year with the same username and password.  We encourage parents to start practicing accessing the Parent Portal site.




Student Handbook


Each student at Jubilee Highland Hills is held to the highest educational and disciplinary standards. Student-Parent Handbooks outline the policies and procedures pertaining to student activities and responsibilities as set forth by the Board of Trustees of the Jubilee Academies.

All students receive a Student-Parent Handbook at the beginning of each school year, along with an Acknowledgement Form which both student and parent are expected to sign and return to the school.


These items have been made available in Adobe Acrobat (“PDF”) format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free on Adobe’s website.


You can find our handbooks here: Student Handbooks




Students Accident Insurance Plan


Jubilee Academies takes pride in the care, and education of your children. We provide a safe learning environment, however, if your child is injured during school hours or any school-sponsored activity, athletic (or UIL) sponsored activity.  ATTENTION PARENTS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.


Jubilee Academies offers the voluntary Student Accident Insurance Plan for parents to enroll their children any time of the year. Please see more information below:




Homework Help for Parents



FunBrain for Parents
Educational games are the highlight of this site. The games cover all interest areas and target specific age levels. There are “parent-kid challenges,” “homework relief,” and “books on the run” links. Also linked to this site, there is a family education newsletter that helps with school, life, entertainment, and special needs issues.

PBS For Parents
This site contains guides on a variety of topics such as child development, curriculum connections, and technology for kids. It also shares information on hot issues in education. On the lighter side, there are games, stories, and guides to the TV programs offered by PBS. The guide is also available in Spanish. Bienvenidos a PBS Padres!

Scholastic for Parents
This site contains age appropriate guides for helping your child learn to love reading. Divided into early childhood and school age children, the site also contains resources for helping your child with math, technology and other subjects. Additionally, there is an array of information about family matters.

Parent Principals

The Parent Principal Socials are designed to offer parents an opportunity to meet with the school principal and discuss information regarding school procedures, policies, curriculum and upcoming events.  Topics vary from month to month and suggestions for topics are welcomed.  Coffee, water/juice, and a light snack are provided. Parent Principal socials are usually held on the third Thursday of each month.

Lunch Applications